Animal Mix Up - Nail Water Decal

Product description
Nail water decal - Ultra-thin film with bright and trendy design for fast and salon-looking manicure.

We have collection if the designs to serve every taste. From cult classics to bright and outstanding wholenail designs.

With normal polish:
•Apply nail polish to the nail and let it dry.
•Select a design and cut it out of the sheet.
•Dip design into the water, take it out and wait for about 15 seconds.
•Remove excess water with a tissue.
•Slide the image from the backing paper and place it on the nail plate.
•Gently smooth the design with your finger. File excessive film.

With Gel polish:
•Apply gel-polish of a needed color and cure.
•Cut selected design out of the sheet. Trim it to the size of your nail to avoid overlapping on the skin.
•Dip into the water for few seconds and remove excess water with a tissue.
•Apply a top coat. Don’t cure yet!
•Slide the image from the backing paper onto the nail (uncured top coat). Gently smooth the design with your fingertip.
•Cure for 30 seconds. File excessive film.
•Seal with top coat and cure completely.

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