Brow and Lash Lamination Combo Course

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We have combined our most popular services Lash Lift and Brow Lamination to bring you up to speed with these amazing treatments. Brow lamination is the latest innovation in brow artistry. Thick, fluffy brows are bang on trend right now and difficult to achieve if the natural brow hairs point down. Brow lamination lifts the hairs from the root and sets them in place meaning the brows appear thicker, fluffier and always stay in place. Results last up to 8 weeks. Our Lash Lifting and Curl course is slightly different to the old traditional eyelash perming method which was done using rods. The all new Lash Lifting & Curl system uses silicon curlers that are much more gentler on the eyes with a more natural, lifted curl, avoiding any fuss with the old sticky rollers (rods). The Lash Lifting and Curl system has become one of the latest beauty trends which is so fast and simple to do. In the Lash Lifting and Curl course, you will learn how to curl clients eyelashes using the silicon curlers, making their eyes appear larger and their eyelashes appearing much more lifted & curled, beautifully enhancing their overall eye appearance. Additional benefits for the client are that their is no need for eyelash curlers and a reduced need for mascara. The Lash Lifting and Curl treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes and lasts for up to six weeks which means increased revenue for you due to the regularity of this treatment. Nothing is needed for your course equipment and products are supplied but you will need a model. Kits can be ordered please let us know if you require them or visit: Kits are available for purchase:

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