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Male Facial Grooming Course

1 Day Course
This course is for your male clients giving them man brows & grooming techniques to keep them returning. 
These services are highly profitable, fast & effective that will keep your clientile base growing.
Full Kit included:
Charcoal/D-TOX Wax
1X 200CC Compact wax heater
5X 50g Sensitive Hot film wax discs
1X Pre-wax Lotion
1X Afterwax treatment Lotion
1X Mini disposable wooden spatulus
1X Pair of Angled Tweezers 
1X Thread
1X Tinting Kit
Models will be needed for your Case study practical sessions - models need to be over 18 years old. Models will be need a patch test on day 1.
Models will be needed on the second day and should have hair grown on the ears, nostrils, brows and upper cheeks.

    Our refund policy states that once you have received your prestudy this is £50 of your course and can not be refunded. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy and if you contact us before this date we are able to refund minus your prestudy cost.

    We are able to move your course, if you can not attend your date. We need 48 hours notice.


    Course details and prestudies are send direct to you via email.

    Your prestudy is your homework please read before your course.

    This will contain everything you need to know for your course, if you need a model for your practical sessions, times etc